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Recycling, being a very vast topic, recycling of each needs discussion. Here we deal with cardboard recycling. Initially, we will know what is cardboard and then steps involved in its recycling. We shall also draw your kind attention to its advantages and will conclude with few interesting facts about cardboard recycling. What is Cardboard? Cardboard […]

E-waste is one the biggest headache, the World is facing now. When the technology has developed and people have become hi tech, the waste they abandon seems to be piling up. When everyone started switching from desktop to laptop and to tabs, mobiles to smart phones, the old ones they leave behind are increasing day […]

We know that our environment is being squeezed by the different pressures we give it. The natural ecosystem is being disturbed very wildly resulting in the degradation of the environment. Let us check what environmental degradation is, its causes and effects. Effects of environmental degradation focus on atmosphere, human health and nature. What is Environmental […]

As we know, when we say recycling, there are many things that can undergo recycling to give us new product. But the process of each recycling may differ. In order to identify it, we need to understand the properties of the thing that need to be recycled and thus decide the steps. Here, we shall […]

As we all know, biofuels is a renewable, alternative clean fuel that is derived from plants, industrial waste, agriculture and domestic waste. It is a non fossil fuel produces from biomass. We have already seen Biofuels, its types and advantages. Now let us see what liquid biofuels are, its types, advantages and facts to know […]

Drought is one of the natural disasters that can be reverted by nature itself. Even though it is a natural disaster, it is one that can be prevented by man up to a certain extent. In this article, we will see what drought is, its types, causes and effects. Drought is a temporary situation in […]

Ocean acidification is the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, that we don’t see or feel but it’s after effects happening under the water. It is said that a minimum of quarter carbon dioxide in the atmosphere tend to get dissolved in water. Thus may be, million tons of CO2 will be dissolved in ocean […]

As pollution has been increased at an alarming rate, the society has waked up and busy in searching for measures to control pollution. It is irrelevant for which pollution, we are working against. The only focus is to eradicate or bring down the pollution. We will look into the most effective measures to control or […]

We have already seen what waste is, its classification and harmful effects of improper waste management. Here, we will see what waste management is, the steps involved in it, methods and advantages of waste management. Waste management is broad term that includes treatment of solid waste and effectively recycling them without increasing the thrash. It […]

Warming of the climate system is unequivocal’- At the beginning of the 21st century, 600 scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, pursed through thousands of documents from various studies and scientific journals and came to this conclusion. In this section we will discuss the most commonly seen effects of global warming on weather […]