What is skin pigmentation? causes & natural home remedies for it

While dealing with beauty care, pigmentation is one of the unavoidable topics that need the lights on it. Pigmentation is a kind of headache for many as they are unable to find a solution for it. No worries. We have the query answered for you! We shall learn what pigmentation is, factors that cause or lead to pigmentation, and natural and home remedies for it.


Pigmentation means coloring. Skin pigmentation is a condition that affects the color of the skin. Our skin gets the color from a pigment called Melanin which is produced by specialized cells called Melanocytes. As per studies, there are more than 150 genes that affects the color of the skin. Sometimes, melanin production gets disrupted due to many reasons and the skin tends to get patchy and discolored. Too much of melanin causes hyper pigmentation and too little of melanin causes hypo pigmentation. The factors attributing to pigmentation can be external or internal.



Our skin is daily exposed to sunlight, which causes damage to the layers of skin. The melanocytes get disrupted and become more reactive. Due to overexposure to sunlight, causes melanocytes to multiply and eventually produce uneven skin tone. Uneven production of melanin leads to freckle like spots and patches to appear on the layers of skin. This happens becomes over exposure to UV rays from the sun causes an inflammatory response which could ultimately lead to sunburn. In short when you spend more time in sunlight you have a larger risk to develop hyper pigmentation. Another reason for pigmentation is imbalance of hormones. These hormonal changes leads to a particular type of skin pigmentation called melasma. This is very common among women. This happens mainly because the female sex hormone stimulates the over production of melanin due to the over exposure to sunlight. Another common cause of pigmentation is pregnancy. During pregnancy a lot of hormonal changes take place in the body which sometimes leads to patchy skin. But these patches are temporary and they fade in the due course of time. But for certain people these patches become permanent. Pigmentation is also symptomatic with certain illness like vitamin deficiencies, metabolic disorders. Vitamin C deficiency causes pigmentation in general. Having required quantity of vitamin C in our diet regularly can solve the issue to an extent. The common sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, tomatoes, broccoli and peppers. If the situation persists, a dermatologist can be consulted and supplements can be included. Scars formed while dyeing of hair with chemicals is another factor that affects pigmentation. Tattooing also causes uneven patches in the skin which will further lead to hyper pigmentation. Some of the other reasons for pigmentation are skin injury, cuts in the skin, over exposure to chemicals and acne.


To conclude, all the above mentioned home remedies are not scientifically proven but are effective without side effects if done for longer time. Apart from these there are chemical treatments like chemical peeling, laser treatments, application of sunscreen and so on. All these treatments are expensive and my cause harm to the skin over the period of time.

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