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Yet another thing that can be recycled is tire. Tire recycling is on great demand nowadays. Let us see what is tire recycling, the reasons for tire recycling, process and benefits. What is Tire recycling? Rubber recycling is as old as the industrial use of rubber. In the early 1900’s rubber cost as much as […]

Have you thought about a life without plastics? It may be difficult to adjust with such a life but if there is no plastic, then half of the issue due to pollution will be solved. We haven’t found a permanent solution for plastic pollution; even though studies have proved wax worms eat plastic. So it […]

Whenever there is a study about renewable energy, geothermal energy is one of the energies that cannot be skipped. Here we shall learn so deeply about what geothermal energy is, its history, types of geothermal systems and its uses. What is Geothermal Energy? The word ‘geothermal’ literally translates to ‘earth’ and ‘heat’ – Heat energy […]

As we know, recycling is so vast that we are dealing with each type of recycling in each topic. Here we are dealing with battery recycling and we make sure that we cover all aspects such as steps in battery recycling, its advantages and disadvantages too. When we are dealing with what battery is, steps […]

We have already seen that Landfill is a main cause of greenhouse effect and of greenhouse gases. Let us see what landfills are, its criteria of construction, its structure, causes and effects. We shall also discuss a few facts about Landfills. What are Landfills? Landfills are waste disposal system in where the waste is burnt […]

The term ‘tsunami’ originates from Japanese and literally means harbour wave. At times it is interchangeably used with the term ‘Tidal wave’ which is considered as an error by purists. It was an unknown term till a period of time. But when we name natural disaster, it is one of the most dangerous one. Here, […]

The year 2017 was the most hurricane active year in the past decade for the US. After the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 in New Orleans, It was the three hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria that had severe landfalls in the US. Scientists are unable to point out the exact reason why these […]

In recent past, one would have heard of Irma, Katie and Jose. Who could forget the havoc caused by Katrina in Texas! These are not women but hurricanes.  Hurricanes have been named after women since the 1950s. After some feminist uproar they are being given boys’ names too.  Let us see what a hurricane is, […]

We have seen what Global Warming is and its effects of global warming in earlier posts. Here we shall look into some of the effective solutions & measures for global warming. Global warming is a phenomenon that is inevitable. Atmospheric temperature has been on the rise. For every 2 Fahrenheit increase, many changes of variable […]

Recycling, being a very vast topic, recycling of each needs discussion. Here we deal with cardboard recycling. Initially, we will know what is cardboard and then steps involved in its recycling. We shall also draw your kind attention to its advantages and will conclude with few interesting facts about cardboard recycling. What is Cardboard? Cardboard […]