What is water depletion, causes and effects and what is effective water management

“WATER WATER EVERYWHERE, NOT A DROP TO DRINK.” As the saying goes, it’s true that we find water everywhere but consumable water is minimal. How can we expect a survival without water? It is high time that we be alarmed of this and takes necessary steps to prevent water depletion. We shall discuss about what water depletion is, causes and effects and what effective water management is.

Water is the most precious resource for the existence and survival on earth. Three forth of the earth’s surface is covered with water. Out of this 90% is salt water unfit for consumption. Only 2% of the total water is fresh water that can be consumed. So, the wise use of this valuable natural resource is very essential. Around 60% of the human body is water and 90% of the blood is water. The human brain is 75% water. Water resource can be defined as sources of water that are useful for humans for various activities. Some of the fresh water sources are ground water, surface water, frozen water, and desalination. Ground water means the fresh water that is present in the surface of soil and rocks. Water flowing below the water table is also considered ground water. Ground water is seeped into the ground through surface water and this is commonly used for agriculture and household purposes. Surface water is the water in lakes, rivers and oceans. There quantities are naturally increased by rains and naturally decreased by evaporation, climate changes and human activities. Frozen water is the water in the glaciers and icebergs. Though these are considered fresh water, it cannot be utilized. Desalination is a process of conversion of salty sea water into fresh water. Distillation and reverse osmosis are the two processes by which desalination is done.

Water depletion means depletion means drastic reduction in the total amount of usable water due to human activities and change in the environment. This is a threat to the environment. Some of the causes for water depletion are discussed below.




To conclude, water is very essential for the survival of mankind. If these available water resources are not preserved, it might become a non renewable resource. Reduce; reuse and recycle should be the motto. Effective utilization without wastage of water resources should be made effective so that the future generations of mankind is not affected.

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