Most Dangerous Man Made Pollution That Can Be Controlled

It is the hidden desire of any person to know about the most dangerous pollution that is happening around. Don’t you feel like knowing it? Then please peep into this article to know about it and its effect. Even we have learned so much about pollution, we still wonder which one is most dangerous as we feel each one to be dangerous in its own way. While coming across the most dangerous one, we will also learn the most common pollutants and its source too.

All types of pollution are harmful to man and the environment. There occurs an imbalance in the natural workings of the ecosystems. Air pollution, water and soil pollution, radiation pollution, noise pollution, plastic pollution, thermal pollution – these are various types which are mostly connected to each other. They may have a point source or a non-point source of pollution. Some are localised such as radiation pollution or noise pollution. Others are spread over larger areas even as much as over cities. Soil pollution is linked with air and water pollution, while noise or light pollution is mostly stand-alone types.

The one type of pollution that is all pervasive and affects us continuously everyday throughout the years is air pollution. It affects the most number of people and countries. There is severe air pollution in every metropolitan city. The pollutants don’t always remain stationary over a place. They can be carried by the wind and affect places far away from their point of origin. Air pollution can be indoor or outdoor.

The most common pollutants of the air are

The main sources of the pollutants are

Indoor air quality is compromised by

Effects of Air Pollution

The effects of air pollution are so diverse from affecting development of the brain to agricultural effects of cutting crop yield by half. Some of these are as follows:


As mentioned earlier air pollution is all pervasive and hence the most dangerous one. Air pollution; be it indoor or outdoor is very dangerous. It being so common brings it to the top alarmed one. All living things require air to survive and thus exposed to air pollution too. Together we try the corrective measures to control air pollution; it can be eradicated to a very great extent.  Hence it is attitude that matters.  Live and let live is the best suited motto.

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