Breaks: Its importance to lead a healthy life

Life is so busy these days. People seem to run around no matter what and why, all are tightly scheduled. Breaks and rest are unavoidable for a man to survive. Here in this article, we shall discuss what a break is and the importance or rather the necessity of break in our life.

Does our body and brain work so hardly without a “break”? What happens if we do work continuously even without sleeping? You will see a steady deterioration of your health. A person would go unsound if you do not get enough sleep or rest according the work you do. Rest can be physical and mental. A physical rest is not helping you get mental rest.

Few people are guilt-ridden on availing breaks from what they do. The society from the olden days have interpreted availing breaks as laziness or lack of interest, which is actually not. No world stops on availing breaks instead increase your capability.  Let us see what a break is.

What is a break?

Break is an interruption or pause in work or from whatever you do. Everything needs a break; even the most entertaining movies have break. Breaks are often called in by many names: intermission, vacation, holiday, recess, rest etc. Break is not by the word meaning to separate something into pieces. This break is a pause on what you are continuously doing.

10 benefits of taking breaks at work

Have you noticed that any work you do become strenuous on the course of time? It is because your body and mind, both work like machines which cannot function without fuel. For these machines, rest, sleep and food are the fuel.

Breaks can be short or long. Taking a rest of 10 minutes between work is a break. Take holidays and enjoying vacation is also a break. So, it is our choice as to how, why and when to avail them. Let us now see the benefits of taking breaks.

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Importance or benefits of taking breaks

Life is so complicated these days and can see everyone under pressure. In between this, it is very much essential for us to give breaks to our body and mind. Let us see why are they so important and benefits of taking such breaks:

  1. Taking breaks improves our concentration: a human brain can concentrate on a task for 15-20 minutes according to the research and studies. Although the concentration time differs from person to person, this is the average time a person a continuously focus on a certain task. If you take a break after this you will have a better concentration, which is equivalent to the initial 15-20 minutes. Unavailing of such breaks can make you lethargic and tend to get unfocused on the particular task. Taking a break enables you to focus at the same pace and finish the task with utmost accuracy.
  2. It helps in grasping speed: grasping power is the power of the brain to capture something or learn something. It tends to decline when we start feeding the brain with more. A break enables the brain to remain afresh and capture more than how it continuously work. Your brain is powerful when given breaks within intervals. Like practice is required for the brain for achieving accuracy, it needs rest too for better grasping.
  3. It reduces stress and anxiety: building stress continuously will make you sick physically and mentally. It is also very common that a mind without relaxation make you feel anxious and worried. It is a kind of stress developed by mind when you go restless. Regular offs and breaks in between the busy work or school schedule will put you in a condition of break down. Giving the breath in time and relaxation time help you feel better and free from stress and anxiety.
  4. Reduces mood swings: when a mind is stressed out or tired of the daily chores or routine, then we will witness the mood swings, on which we ourselves wouldn’t have control. Taking a break from these usual chores will help you feel relaxed and thus there will be an upliftment of mood. When our mood doesn’t swing, we feel better and will have positive vibes around us. Sitting idle itself is not a break. Engaging yourself in something you love to do, that is chasing your hobby or mingling with the public are also considered breaks.
  5. It improves memory power: it is learned through many research that memory gets consolidated when we sleep. The same good it does on availing rest or breaks. Engaging in a certain task continuously make the brain tired. Rest or break allows the brain to be enthusiastic and ready for work. Too much straining will not give you results. A tired brain or body cannot work efficiently and thus will consume more time in codifying memory and giving out good productivity.
  6. It helps in increasing productivity: a sleeping mind or tired body is not expected to give you good productivity. A machine when worked endlessly without a pause, it is so obvious that it gets heated and tend to stop. The same will happen with brain and body as well. Giving ample rest to body and mind will wonder you with great productivity.
  7. Enhancement of creativity: it is difficult to be a creative thinker or artist with a tired body or mind. After focusing for a long time on a particular or different things is draining out the energy to be creative. A good decision comes only from a calm and relaxed mind. Thus, is creativity. Even a renowned artist can’t give out a masterpiece if he was working without any rest for a long time. Breaks helps in mind to be calm and acquire more power to work. So does it work well with creative ideas and thoughts. Likewise give you a good decision-making power as well.
  8. It improves our physical and mental health: working for a long time makes us feel tired. It is a natural phenomenon and that is the reason why we need breaks. Breaks help our body and mind to relax and acquire more energy, and thus making it fresh for new work. Codification of memory by brain and attainment of energy by body is the main outcome of breaks. Accordingly, if these breaks are not available, then we shall see a decline in both our physical and mental health. 
  9. Eradicates fatigue: break availing helps eradicating all tiredness and enabling us to work more. Physical and mental exertion makes us feel tired and results in fatigue. As we know fatigue can develop physical degradation or any illness. Break is the wonder chant that help in eradicating fatigue and make us healthy. Even a quality sleep is an excellent form of break.
  10. It helps in bringing overall wellness around: it is a natural phenomenon that if we are feeling good or keeping good, we tend to spread wellness around us. In order for such a spread we need to be in a well state of mind and body. Breaks are the most efficient and effective tool that will make this possible.
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It is not just adults who needs break. Even children need breaks from schools, studies and other curricular activities. That’s the reason why they have term breaks or session breaks. Playing around without break can also make them tired. That is the reason why games like football, cricket or any other games have break in between. Break is not an invented necessity. It is a requirement like air, water or food for all living beings on the planet.

Thus, a break is very essential in your life. Anything or any act in excess can make you feel exhausted. Hence break is a critical part of life which can be read along with life.