What is Ocean Acidification, its causes and effects

Ocean acidification is the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, that we don’t see or feel but it’s after effects happening under the water. It is said that a minimum of quarter carbon dioxide in the atmosphere tend to get dissolved in water. Thus may be, million tons of CO2 will be dissolved in ocean a day. Here, in this article let us look into what Ocean acidification is, its causes and effects.

What is Ocean Acidification?

Ocean acidification is the process of reduction the ph level in water over a period of time due to the intake of carbon. In simpler terms, ocean acidification is the increase in the carbon levels in water which is a major threat to marine life. This is mainly because of the excess carbon is let out to the atmosphere due to combustion, burning and other man made process. This carbon dioxide gets absorbed by the sea and ocean and carbonic acid is formed. This in turn increases the acidity of the water which is called the ph level. When this carbon dioxide mixes with sea water, a reaction takes place which reduces the ph of the sea water and the carbonate ion concentration. This type of chemical reaction is termed as ocean acidification. Ph is the figure that represents the acidity of a given solution. The range of the ph scale is from 0-14. If ph is less than 7, it is acidic in nature. If ph is 7, ph is considered neutral. If ph is above 7, it is base. The ideal ph for drinking water is between 6-8 so as to maintain the ph in the body.



Ocean acidification is a global issue and has to be given utmost priority as it hampers and degradates the environment as a whole. Proper steps should be taken by the government for proper waste management so as to reduce the pollution caused due to this. Awareness program should be conducted on a large scale so that more and more people will be aware of the cause and effect of ocean acidification. Humans are mostly responsible for the increase in the acidic ratio in the oceans. More alternative source of energy and renewable energy should be used so as to reduce the carbon emission to the atmosphere. Solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy should be widely used which reduces carbon emission. The use of fossil fuels should be completely banned. The use of chemical fertilizers should minimal. More importance should be given to organic farming. More trees should be planted so that they absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Ocean acidification affects each and every living organism on earth directly or indirectly. Efforts should be taken by each and every individual so as to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. Be aware of the pollution rates so that efforts can be made as a whole. Environmental friendly initiative and recycling should be supported. So thus to conclude, ocean acidification is a global issue that can wipe off the existence of all living species. So let’s all join together for a noble cause to reduce carbon emission to save the mother earth.

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