What are blackheads, causes and natural home remedies for it

When it comes to the term beauty care, there are many kith and keen that needs to be taken care of.  Black heads are one among the headaches for everyone. Have someone not come across black heads on their face? Have you reached your teens? Then you are a sure shot candidate for black heads. It starts developing from the teens. Let’s us look into what black head are, its causes, and home remedies to cure black heads.


These look like tiny dots that appear on the nose, chin, cheeks and forehead. During teenage, the hormones stimulate the oil secreting glands under the skin. So it is very normal to get blackheads. Black heads are oxidized melanin. They are also called comedones and are formed when dead skin and oil gets trapped in the pores of the skin. If the pores of the skin are open the trapped air in the pore gets oxidized thus turning it black. This is how a black head is formed. The same way, if the pores of the skin are closed, the air does not get oxidized with the oils thus turning it white. This is how a white head is formed.

What are black heads, causes and natural home remedies for it



Please note that all above mentioned are simple and easy home remedies that are not scientific proven but are effective if used for a period of time. Each skin is different so its effectiveness depends upon the skin type, age and climatic conditions.

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