Significance of sustainability for our life & existence

We have learned about sustainability, sustainable energy, sustainable diet etc. Have also discussed about advantages and sources of them. Here in this article, we will discuss all possible reasons why sustainability is so important for us for our life and existence.

Sustainability can be seen in all step we take. Each household, to each travel and what not. Sustainability is not just limited to anything. It is so wide spread. Let us see why it so widespread and so significant in our life.

Significance of sustainability for our life & existence
  1. It conserves the energy for future: sustainability itself is practicing minimalism. Human, being a social animal has obligation towards each other and to the society. They have obligation towards the future as well and thus is responsible to save energy for future. Each of us can do many things to conserve energy for future. From conserving water, reducing waste and recycling can bring in changes than we could think of. Minimalism itself will reduce the usage and waste leading to preservation of energy for future.
  2. Reduces pollution: practicing minimalism is the best way to preserve our planet and keep our resources for future generations. Sustainability brings in different ways by which we recycle what we use and drive less. Driving less helps in reducing the vehicle carbon emission and recycling things helps in less manufacturing, thereby, reducing those manufacturing processes. When the emissions come down, naturally the air pollution also comes down. When the manufacturing is less the waste from the factories to the rivers will also be considerably less, which end in less water pollution. Thus, overall sustainability will reduce all kind of pollution and make our planet a good place to be in.
  3. It improves the health of the people: when the pollution is less, it directly improves the health of the environment and people. Conserving resources for future reduces the use of resources. Hence, the pollution, that causes harm to the health of the public, caused by burning them will be less. When the environment is clean, it will be reflected in our health as well. Sustainable energy helps on creating economy stability as well. Thus, people of the society with economical stability have money for availing goods and services and lead a good healthy life.
  4. It protects the eco system: eco system has been started distracting due to the extinction and also due to the threat of extinction of many species in animals and plants. The over use has led to this scenario and has started affecting the other species as well. The balance in the eco system has started vanishing. Exercising sustainability will help in easing the threat of extinction. The activities of human and urbanization has led to the alarming rate of damaging the environment.

    As sustainability is referring to using resources in such a way that it doesn’t affect the future generations usage, depletion or extinction of any species due to over use or human activity cannot be categorized under sustainability. When we start practicing sustainability, the threat of extinction shall be wiped off because the acts of sustainability are worth to make all bio diversity to sustain in the environment.
  5. It saves the environment: we have learned that sustainability reduces pollution, protects the eco system and bio diversity, conserves energy for future etc. All these together helps in saving the environment. When the vehicles are less used, the environment is being protected as the emission from the vehicles are reduced and so as what happens with other resources. When a resource usage is being reduced, the residue of the usage inevitably is being reduced. The waste is causing such a huge burden to the environment as a whole. Recycling is the best way of being sustainable. It will help in reducing the waste and resource usage along with the energy saving. A sustainable waste management can be adopted so as the environment shall be relieved from the waste and feel fresh. All together each act of sustainability helps in protecting the environment.
  6. Creates employment: sustainability helps in achieving economic stability as it creates a lot of employment opportunities. Being sustainable will initiate the companies to implement new methods that will not disturb the environment. Such techniques adopted will save the environment as well as create employment, pulling the unemployment percentage down. The green business will prevail only when the demand for sustainable products is at high demand. Unless and until the people are aware of the advantages of using the sustainable products the demand them will conquer the World business and thus create new job opportunities worldwide.

    Simultaneously, adopting the green techniques or switching to sustainable products as raw materials will help in bringing profit to the businesses. Energy conservation in businesses also calls in for cost cutting and adds to the profit. The profit enhancement kindles the society to attain economic stability. 
  7. Better living standards: sustainability is very important as the impact of practicing it is very high on the society. As we have seen, we attain economic stability on practicing sustainability, by increasing the profits in the business and also by creating new job opportunities. Similarly, sustainability brings in social impact as well. It brings in lot of positive changes to the society as a whole. The economic stability along with it being in better living standards as a whole. Sustainability also improves the overall health of the public and thus a lot of money invested in healthcare can be set aside for the upliftment of the society an education. Globally, the living standards will be on betterment on practicing sustainability.
  8. Brings in new inventions: as the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention”. Although, we have many ways of sustainable living, few of them are not so practical in this busy life. But sustainable living is becoming mandatory now for the existence of our planet. Thus, the necessity of innovating new techniques to bring in sustainability to life is a requisite. This very requisite drives in new inventions to live sustainably.The wide spread demand of electric cars is the ever-best example for such sustainable inventions.
  9. Helps Earth for existence: it is a well-accepted truth that planet Earth is at threat of extinct, so as the life on Earth. Humans have a capable role of ruining this green planet. The care that was required were lacking in each act they do. The sea level is rising day by day and the climate change is becoming unpredictable. It is so unfortunate to know that we are now living on an unpredictable place. Deforestation, plastic littering, waste mismanagement, landfills, pollution and the like have made Earth an unfit place to live in.

    In order for Earth and the lives to exist we do not have much options before us. Sustainable living is the best and only option that prevails. Understanding the planet and live for it will only let us live on it and our future generations. Moreover, there is no other planet like Earth, on which we can survive. Hence it is very much essential for us to preserve the planet by adapting sustainability in each act we do.
  10. Solves scarcity of food and other resources: food scarcity is the most horrifying truth we face. There is a category of people who starve because of unavailability of food while there is another category who waste food. Here comes the role of sustainability. Although we know there are people starving, we see food as an extravagance when it is a necessity. Switching to sustainable diet is an awesome way to help reach food to many.
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Bringing sustainability to agriculture replaces all those chemicals and fertilizers to bio-manure and organic compounds that nourishes the crops. There are a lot of abandoned farmlands that weakened due to the excessive use of inorganic compounds, chemicals and fertilizers. These lands can be revived, protected and used for agriculture sustainably so that the whole of increasing population can be fed and live sustainably.

Other resources refer to the fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy. Sustainable development preaches us to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and switch on to sustainable energies such as solar energy, wind energy etc. It helps to protect the environment from the harmful effects of using fossil fuels.


We have come across almost all aspects that shows the importance of sustainability. Each of us contributes to the deterioration of our planet and it is our obligation to all other living things and to the Earth that we need to live sustainably. There are a lot of things in our day-to-day life that cab be changed to sustainability. A single act by many can bring in a lot of changes. So how would it be if all acts and living of all are sustainable? That’s the way it should be and how it should be! Saying no to plastic and abiding by it, implementing go green by no to paper bills and receipts, carrying reusable shopping bags, etc are few simple ways of sustainable living any one can adapt. Please refer our article “how to life sustainable life”, to know more.

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