What is deforestation, causes, effects, benefits and methods to prevent

We have experienced and also going through the harsh climatic change. Have we given it a thought about the reasons for this drastic climatic change? There are many reasons for this.one of the major reason is deforestation. Let us discuss about what is deforestation, the causes and effects of deforestation and also measures to prevent it. While discussing all these, as the saying goes, “there are two sides for a coin”, deforestation has few benefits too. Hence let us see what those are, in this post.

What is deforestation?

As we all know, forests is an ecosystem where dense trees grow along with other plants and animals in a physical environment. It is these forests that control and balance the ecosystem. The only economic benefit of forests is its timber which has varied uses. Other important benefits of these forests are tremendous supply of oxygen, support wildlife, checks on the water table, reduces pollution, has a control over the climate and temperature, retains the quality of soil, supports the diversity in plant life and avoids soil erosion. Deforestation the other hand, is cutting down of trees and clearing of forests for the benefit and development of mankind. In other words, deforestation means conversion of forest land into non forest area resulting in degradation of the ecosystem. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 18 million acres of forests are lost every year around the globe due to industrial revolution.




  1. It provides employment opportunities to large number of people.
  2. Provides raw materials to many industries.
  3. Charcoal is obtained by cutting down of trees, which is a good source of energy.
  4. Activates economic development and growth leading to urbanization.
  5. The demand of food and the supply of food can be equalized due to deforestation.
  6. Provides more land for residential purpose.
  7. Deforestation is beneficial for grazing of cattle.
  8. It is a revenue generating process for the lower income class.


  1. Reforestation : The best way to heal the loss is to plant more and more trees. If a tree is cut for any commercial purpose, 10 trees should be simultaneously planted.
  2. Environmental organizations : All of us should lend a helping hand towards these organizations that support and replenish the environment. Money can be lended and voluntary works can be organized to buy and plant more trees.
  3. Proper awareness : Proper awareness should be created among all citizens regarding the after effects of deforestation so as to protect the future generations of mankind.
  4. Recycled products : Consumers should be encouraged to use recycled items like paper, books, bags and notebooks so that no extra trees need to be cut for the manufacture these items.
  5. Forest protection act : Forest protection act should be amended and strictly followed so as to avoid illegal timber collection.
  6. Farming practices : A change in the farming practices can reduce deforestation. Rather than using shifting agriculture it is more feasible to use rotation cropping.

To conclude, deforestation is global issue affecting the ecosystem. All the valuable trees are devastated. This is a man made issue which can be easily sorted by adopting the above mentioned strategies. If greater steps are not taken towards afforestation, this can lead to the extinction of mankind. The future of the earth depends upon us, humans. Thus we should protect our earth and save our planet by planting more and more trees which will be an asset to the upcoming generation.

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