Advantages & Disadvantages of Renewable Energy – Types of green energy

We all have come across the words renewable and non-renewable energy, at least once in a life time. Many of us know many facts about these but do not know everything. Being it an ocean, we shall study about most of the facts with the help of this article. Here, we are discussing about the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy by giving light to what is renewable energy and its types.

Even though we have dealt about what is renewable energy and its types in another article, we will have a glance on it again before going into the detailing of advantages and disadvantages.

Renewable source of energy or green energy is a type of energy that is replenished constantly due to the natural process of nature. This energy is generated from natural process like sunlight, rain, tides, wind and heat. Renewable energy cannot be exhausted and are comparatively cheaper than other forms of energy because it can be naturally obtained. Some of the types of renewable energy are solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy and biomass. All these different types of energy have unique characteristics and have great potential if they are technically developed. The most striking advantage of these renewable resources are that it emits no harmful gas.

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To conclude, the renewable resources are assets to the mother earth and they need to be properly utilized so that it can be used by the future generations. Minimal and careful usage of such resources helps them to get replenished naturally over the time. Latest technology should be used and newer ones should be introduced for the major development of the available resources. Proper guidelines should be made and proper steps should be taken by the government to ensure minimal wastage of the renewable resources.

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