Natural Lip care tips for soft and pinky lips and Homemade lip balm

A beautiful smile can brighten up your day!!! Soft and pinky lips are responsible for this. Lips are tactile sensatory organ that are soft and movable. They contribute a lot to facial expression. Smooth, soft and rosy lips are desire of any woman. We help you have it with a few lip care tips. A natural homemade lip balm can give you wonderful lips.

Lips help in creating sounds and even intake of food. Lips are also used to play instruments like mouth organ, flute, trumpet and saxophone. Lips are one of the most sensitive organ in the human body.

lip care tips & natural homemade lip bam


All the above mentioned tips can be followed to maintain soft and glowing lips. Some other factors that affect the color of the lips are skin tone, climate, food pattern, genes and topography of the area.

How to make homemade lip balm


  1. Beetroot- 1
  2. Petroleum Jelly- 1 table spoon
  3. Coconut oil – 1 table spoon
  4. Rose water- 1 teaspoon

Grate the beetroot and extract the juice to a clean glass container. Add the coconut oil, petroleum jelly and rose water to the juice. Mix thoroughly and move it to a portable container. Keep it in freezer and apply daily. It can also give color to your lips.

Using it daily can give you soft and rosy lips. It also protects us from all harmful substances that are used in the lip balm available in the local market.

We are blessed with many positive physiques. Thus we are responsible to maintain and highlight those goodness in us.

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