Have you thought about a life without plastics? It may be difficult to adjust with such a life but if there is no plastic, then half of the issue due to pollution will be solved. We haven’t found a permanent solution for plastic pollution; even though studies have proved wax worms eat plastic. So it […]

As pollution has been increased at an alarming rate, the society has waked up and busy in searching for measures to control pollution. It is irrelevant for which pollution, we are working against. The only focus is to eradicate or bring down the pollution. We will look into the most effective measures to control or […]

Oil spills, not a very common term but a serious form of environmental pollution. While we are trying to explore every kind of environmental issues oil spills is one major area which we should not omit. Thus dealing with what is oil spill, its different types, causes, effects and moreover the worst 10 oil spills […]

Different kinds of Pollution affect our environment in different ways. The effects of air pollution are different from that of light pollution, which are different from those of plastic pollution. Pollution depends on several factors such as the density of pollution, concentration of factories and industries, incidences of natural or manmade disasters, geographical topography places, […]

Many countries have taken initiatives for pollution control and environmental enhancement, which results in them holding places in lists, naming them as successful in preventing pollution. Their reward is a healthy environment for their people to live and work in. Let us discuss about nine countries with low pollution rate or air, water, light etc.[ […]

We have come across the most dangerous man made pollution that can be controlled but we haven’t looked into the control measures. Let us see what are the air control measures in detail by quoting each, even we have discussed it in brief under the topic air pollution. Air pollution control The best way to […]

It is the hidden desire of any person to know about the most dangerous pollution that is happening around. Don’t you feel like knowing it? Then please peep into this article to know about it and its effect. Even we have learned so much about pollution, we still wonder which one is most dangerous as […]

Pollution, being a widely used word in the new era, it is very dangerous too. We have gone through what pollution is, it causes and effects and also the different types of pollution. While going in detail to different topics such as air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution etc, we were coming across different substances […]

Ocean pollution is the contamination of ocean.  Like all other pollution Ocean pollution is also one of the challenges before us. We know this pollution are not reversible at any cost but still continue doing it. We shall discuss the effects of Ocean pollution in detail here in this article as we have already discussed […]

Ocean pollution is a kind of pollution about which we cannot forget. Because, at the end or ultimately all pollution tends to get reach the ocean, contaminating it to a very great extent. We shall detail about Ocean pollution here with the causes or sources of it with few preventive measures to reduce ocean pollution. […]