The major effects of ocean pollution

Ocean pollution is the contamination of ocean.  Like all other pollution Ocean pollution is also one of the challenges before us. We know this pollution are not reversible at any cost but still continue doing it. We shall discuss the effects of Ocean pollution in detail here in this article as we have already discussed about Ocean pollution and its causes.

What are the effects of ocean pollution?

The contamination of the oceans have effects on the aquatic life forms, plants, beaches, ecosystems and humans and much more as is being discovered now.

Ocean Pollution causes & controlling methods

Dead Zones are found near the inhabited coastlines. The Chesapeake Bay on the east coast of US was one of the first dead zones discovered in 1970s. The Gulf of Mexico has a hypoxic zone forming every summer. Its size varies from 5000 to 22000 sq km. the Baltic Sea has at least 10 dead zones.

As vast as the oceans so vast will be the effects of its pollution. Loss of many beneficial and beautiful places and species cannot be reversed. Many organisations, governments and agencies are researching and developing new technologies to reduce and control ocean pollution. The cost to clean up the ocean is huge and is a burden that must be shared. But that share doesn’t happen even though the share of polluting it is being fulfilled.