Pollution, being a widely used word in the new era, it is very dangerous too. We have gone through what pollution is, it causes and effects and also the different types of pollution. While going in detail to different topics such as air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution etc, we were coming across different substances […]

Ocean pollution is the contamination of ocean.  Like all other pollution Ocean pollution is also one of the challenges before us. We know this pollution are not reversible at any cost but still continue doing it. We shall discuss the effects of Ocean pollution in detail here in this article as we have already discussed […]

Ocean pollution is a kind of pollution about which we cannot forget. Because, at the end or ultimately all pollution tends to get reach the ocean, contaminating it to a very great extent. We shall detail about Ocean pollution here with the causes or sources of it with few preventive measures to reduce ocean pollution. […]

Industrialisation started gaining its popularity by 19th century even though it was initiated in the 18th century in the European Countries. Industrialization witnessed a drastic change in the living of humans economically and socially. By the development of industrialisation the industrial pollution also came into existence. Thus let us drown into the facts and information […]

When we read or research about pollution, we commonly come across several repeated things about pollution. We have seen students and researchers who are tired with the same old stories. There are many facts that we don’t usually discuss. Let us peep into few uncommon facts regarding pollution. Pollution is the addition of toxic compounds […]

Any ecosystem can be affected by multiple types of pollution. Just as human health is affected by different toxins, plants and animals are also affected. Toxic chemicals are found in pristine forests and the blood of Arctic animals. Litter is found floating deep in the oceans far away from any land. Light and noise pollution […]

Everything is a surprise when one is unaware of it. To be aware and alert reduces the element of surprise. To be aware is also precursor to being prepared. One cannot be prepared when he is not watching out. A disclaimer: the only reason that the US comes up in most of the surprising facts […]

Elimination of pollution is the most essential thing we require as it is very much necessary for the well-being of all living things. Here we deal with the elimination of pollution, its criteria and different methods for eliminating pollution. The ideal of a pollution free world is just that; an ideal. In reality pollution is […]

Hurray! Worms eating plastic!!!???? YES…Finally, we have a solution for plastic degradation. Thus, plastic is no more a threat. It is splendid news for the World when all countries were looking forward to the danger of plastic pollution. Here we will discuss about the worm that eats plastic and how it happens. Plastic pollution was […]

Here, we deal about what land pollution is, its causes and effects. Now, when everything is polluted, why do we want to spare the land without polluting? We come across the land spills everywhere. People are least bothered as to where to push off the waste. All they just need is to take it off […]