Solar Energy – Types & Advantages

Solar energy, the most abundant free energy of the World, is now being exploited very widely. As the whole World is crying about energy depletion, the ever existing energy in front of us is Solar Energy. Let us see what solar energy is, its types, and advantages of it.

Solar energy is the energy from the sun. This is one of the most important source of energy for all the life forms on earth and the solar system. Keeping the distance in mind between the sun and the earth, only a small fraction of the heat reaches the earth. But as per the study, this fraction is more than essential to power up for the entire earth. The energy from the sun is converted into different forms. Plants convert the energy from the sunlight into chemical energy and the process is commonly known as photosynthesis. Humans use it for various purposes like heating, cooking, burning, generating electricity and so on. Animals use solar energy for various purposes. Marine animals survive by using the sunlight and energy absorbed by the water they live in. likewise all living things need sunlight and its energy to sustain a healthy living. Solar energy is a freely obtained and a renewable source of energy. It comes under the category of inexhaustible unlike other forms of energy like fossil fuel, oil and coal. Since solar energy does not emit any green house gas, it is considered non polluting.


The two types of solar energy are photovoltaic technology and solar thermal technology. The explanations are as under:


To conclude, the use of solar energy should be promoted worldwide considering its benefits. More incentives should be given by the government to attract people to use solar energy and setup panels in every household. The wise use of this resource evades a lot of environment issues. Overall solar power is an excellent alternative resource as compared to fossil fuels and other forms of energy. Technology should be developed in such a way as to more solar energy or power should be utilized for daily requirements like solar cars, solar escalators, solar trains and scooters. This will decrease the use oil and petroleum which is a nonrenewable resource. More studies and experiments should be conducted to make solar power cheaper and readily usable. This in turn increases the availability. Thus, solar energy has immense power and a renewable resource.

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