Top 5 Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

Solar energy is the energy provided by the sun. Solar panels generate electricity with the help of sunlight. Usually, these panels are placed on the roof in a direction to face the sun. Solar energy is being used by countries all over the world to cut use of fossil fuels and make solar power a major source of energy supply. Solar panels also help resident owners when it comes to reducing the electricity bills, which further cuts the demand for electricity from utility firms and help in savings. See Solar Energy Pros , Cons.


Solar energy is highly important in today’s world. However, it has some cons along with its pros. Let’s have a look at them all.


  1. Less Pollution

    The first benefit of using solar energy is that it does not spread any kind of contamination. If it creates pollution, it is that which is resulted from solar panels due to their assembling in industrial facilities,the installation, and transfer of merchandise. This indicates that when these are used on your home, they do not harm the atmosphere in any way.

  2. Renewal energy

    Solar energy comes out to be a 100% renewable source of energy. This means that it has no limit to its availability. Fossil fuels tend to perish in a few decades’ time, but solar energy always remains. You can rely on this form of energy, until the sun continues to rise.

  3. Saving fossil fuels

    As solar energy is continuing to replace the use of fossil fuels, it is helping in saving more and more fossil fuels.

  4. Easily available

    Almost every nation can easily harness the solar power. However, the only limitation is that it can be done during daytime only. While the oil reserves may last for five or six decades to come, sunlight will last forever.

  5. Rooftop installation

    Solar panels can be installed on roofs. Thus, one doesn’t need extra space for these. Also, it saves you money, since these provide free power supply. Though, the installation charges may be high.


  1. Cost

    As mentioned before, solar panel installation may cost quite high, which makes cost one of its cons. At present, a high quality solar panel may cost you above $1000.

  2. Silicon waste

    Most of the solar panels that are known to be the best are made using silicon. This results in a lot of silicon wastage.

  3. Production during day only

    Though, solar energy is available in abundance, it is a con that it is produced only during daytime. This means that solar panels work for half of the day only. Also, weather may affect the way your solar panels work.

  4. Large setup area

    If you are a business owner, setup of a solar panel can be a challenge. It might not be possible to fix it on a rooftop. You might need a large land area to fix them and get enough power.

  5. Expensive due to battery storage

    Batteries need to be charged for homes and businesses to be used during evening time. These are large and heavy and thus need space to store them. Besides, they need replacement from time to time, which costs you more.