Top 10 Solar Battery Manufacturers in USA

Say, you have hundreds of companies manufacturing the same product that you long for. There’s competition worth the consideration but you hunt for that one company that is gullible. One definite step to clear this round is to go through a list of the best companies in town. If you decide to go for an approach to reduce the manipulation of fossil fuels, go solar! And when you have geared up for the same, the first thing you would look for would be solar batteries, with phenomenal charging capacities, affordable costs, installation and maintenance. Here’s an account on the best Solar battery manufacturers in USA:


Powerwall products are actually manufactured by parent company, Tesla motors, with its applications restricted to residential purposes and off-grid use. Incipiently, the production house was at Tesla Fremont factory but later it shifted to Gigafactory 1 in Nevada, USA. Providing a warranty of over 10 years, Powerwall rises to be one of the best companies to manufacture batteries with lithium-ion technology. Powerwall products are a complete solution for homes and small businesses, with absolutely no maintenance. Its long life, affordable rates, safe touch feature, flexible installation and durable design backed with a smart connect feature to receive alerts when the sky’s cloudy, make it the best deal in the market.


Hailing from Nevada, western U.S.A, AIMS Power claims to be an industry leader in inverter products, since 2001. Talking of the products it manufactures, AIMS corp succeeds in supplying Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) deep cycle batteries and Gel Cells. The specialized AGM solar batteries are highly reliable and maintenance free to be used in solar inverters. AIMS continues to secure the second place among the best manufacturers of solar batteries in USA.

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With its base in California and Concode Battery Corporation being its parent company, Sun Xender is also a strong firm in USA since 1987, manufacturing deep cycle AGM batteries designed for grid tied systems. The thicker grids in Sun Xtender made from a lead, tin and calcium alloy with grain refiners makes it unique in the industry. This ensures its corrosion resistance, with excellent float life and cycling capability.


Founded in 1950 and base situated in Chicago, Battery Builders Inc. have kept their roots safe manufacturing premium quality lead-acid batteries in USA. The unique spots include the batteries being highly economical, recyclable and with significantly low maintenance requirements. Their warranty dealers guarantee complete installation, disposal and repair service with full maintenance programs. Their full power low maintenance batteries (FPLM) have the best value in the market. The output capacities of the solar batteries manufactured here fall in the range of 170-1360Ah.


Formerly known as JuiceBox, Adara Power has its foundation situated in Milpitas, California. With a promise of greater reliability, Adara Power certifies of better quality by adopting the lithium-ion tech with cloud-based energy management. Providing energy peak shifting, load shaving, back-up and islanding capability, Adara partners with SimmitriInc, ReVision energy and Bombard renewable energy to outstand its capabilities and providing its partners with its best expertise.


The next company under the category offers a full discharge of the units without thermal concerns of the lithium-ion packs. Simpliphi Power, rooted in Ohai (California), bids for a healthier environment without compromising on its performance bar. It offers Power storage for both on-grid and off-grid applications. With the batteries’ efficiency totaling up to 98%, Simpliphi Power can be trusted with great tolerance even in world’s harshest and hottest climates, for use by the military.

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This firm with its base at Corona (California) flaunts its batteries for the better with its deep cycle batteries cutting off the edge in the market. Batteries for golf cars, for marine use, AGM batteries, and powerful flooded lead acid batteries along with reliable off-grid solar systems for home solutions, to store energy for night-time use, make the company realistic in the industry. There are various models it manufacturers for numerous uses with different ranges. The output capacities of the solar batteries range from 35Ah to 1250Ah.


Founded in 1999, Enersys is another international firm, based in Pennsylvania, providing energy solutions for industrial consumptions. Despite fabricating chargers and other battery accessories, implementation of diverse technologies in solar batteries has not been compromised. VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA and lithium-ion technologies have been exploited to result in superior-quality solar batteries with output capacities of 207-3170Ah. Enersys is a rising star in the market with its 32 fabricating facilities world-wide.


This popular US-based solar battery manufacturer is an online supplier of deep cycle solar batteries with free shipping in US. With the dominant pros like good efficiency, better reliability, longer-life, environment-friendly, easier installation and hassle-free maintenance, it guarantees the longest warranty in the business. HupSolar partners with Enersys in the manufacture of Solar batteries and sells them online with detailed output capacities of its products.


Specializing in all of the four solar battery types, VLA, GEL, SLA and AGM, Power-sonic continues to be a potential leader in the battery business with over 46 years of experience and in the possession of ISO 9001 certification. With its spill-proof construction, high discharge rate and economical components, its technical features highlight its global contribution and substantial existence in USA. Situated in San Diego, California, the renewable batteries manufactured here get exported to over 70 countries to their complete satisfaction.

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