Top German Manufacturers of PV Batteries ( 2016 -2017 )

Germany has always been a country with tons of leading companies in every industry there is. Germany, the country where a decision was made to replace all nuclear power stations and use renewable energy, has at least one third of its state driven by green electricity. The country also boasts of proposing the world’s most famous inventions including light bulb. Apparently, Germany has progressed well even is solar development. Besides, it has already been the first country in the world to adopt Daylight saving time in late 1916 to conserve energy. A broad view of the best solar battery manufacturers in Germany has to be given due importance for the reason of opting the best quality as a consumer. Here are a few companies worth the attention in the market:


Founded in 1993, this German giant is reputed to be the one of the best manufacturers of solar inverters in Germany, expecting a 40 per cent sales growth in 2017. The base is headquartered at Dresden, Germany. With its strong partners at hand, including BMW, this firm invests and offers complete photovoltaic packages for both residential purposes as well as for the sake of small businesses. In 2015, Solarwatt GmbH introduced its revolutionary MyReserve storage battery incorporating the latest lithium-ion technology and thankfully, has to be directly installed between the solar plant and PV inverter. This makes it compatible with all types of PV inverters with minimal conversion losses. Its capacity is expandable up to 11kWh using additional modules with the highest battery efficiency of 99.2% and highest round trip efficiency of 96%. It facilitates the user with easy plug and play installation.

BAE batterien

BAE batterien has been a pioneer in the solar industry, manufacturing lead acid batteries of premium quality in Germany. It was founded in the year 1899 and is headquartered at Berlin. Quality and reliability are the key features of the company that explains its success. The products here have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001, 50001 and OHSAS 18001. They manufacture low maintenance VLA and VRLA-GEL, with absolutely no maintenance required. Furthermore, customer-specific solutions form the base of any creation in this enterprise. The batteries fabricated here are said to possess powerful cycle strength, excellent recharges, insulated battery design with positive tube plates and phenomenal discharge capacities.

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Counted among one of the best companies in Germany, SolarWorld has its foundation at Bonn. Generating revenue of about 1.305 billion euros in 2010, this giant also took over Bosch solar energy, which was again a German solar wafer manufacturer. Founded in 1988, SolarWorld has been known in the photovoltaic industry for quite a long time and thus an improvement in its profits is not a first. SolarWorld has launched the all new and advanced SunPacLiOn with the complete power in the hands of the consumer. Invest first on a cheap 2kWh system and the capacity is expandable as per the needs with undeniably no components to be replaced. Its 10,000 cycles promises an incredible life span of 20 years. The potential savings and a 10 year warranty add all the goodies to this PV solution backed by easy installation and enhanced security.

HoppeckeBatterien GmbH

Renowned as the largest producer of various battery systems in Europe, Hoppecke produces a turnover of more than 40 million euros worldwide. Brilon being the base of this major firm, it has 20 subsidiaries and so they together succeed in dealing with four major sections of applications: trak, grid, sun and rail, since 1927. The PV batteries fabricated here provide the consumer with choices to consider as per the use-for better energy storage and for exceptional optimization of direct consumption.  Powerpack premium battery storage helps you save energy yet gives you the ultimate uninterrupted service with high system efficiency using Li-ion technology. Likewise, Powerpack classic with the AGM tech offers exceptional performance to the consumer besides being affordable and reliable. Flexibility, easy installation and user-friendly are other features of these PV cells to be taken into account.

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Otherwise known as SolarcenterAllgaeu, Wiosun was awarded with a national prize in 2008 and 2012 for the company’s groundbreaking achievement in trade. They specialize in lithium ion and lead gel batteries. The Wiosun energy storage system uses the lithium ion tech and offers storage up to 10kW. The Wioacc, on the other hand uses AGM technology with a total output of 150Ah. Situated in Swabia, the brand name of this company was founded in 2009 while the history of the entire company traces back to 1985. The remarkable record of awards and certifications earned include-Federal award-2012 & 2008, DIN CERTO-2011, World of ideas-2009, Euromold award Frankfurt-2007, RAL seal of quality-2006.

Schott solar AG

Schott solar was established in the year 2004 and can be found in Alzenau, a town in Bavaria. Schott solar GMbH has specialized in amorphous thin film technology and has come up with photovoltaic cells and modules exploiting the same know-how. The wide ranges of solar modules in different sizes further extend their compatibility for various applications. Standard size as well as customized customer specific designs in any voltage and power output are available here for both indoor and outdoor applications. Furthermore, with over 30 years of experience in PV field, this firm also promises sales with an excellent turnover.


With over 25 years of experience, BüttnerElektronik is yet another progressing manufacturer of photovoltaic cells and solar technology development. It is headquartered at Neuenkirchen in Germany and was founded in 1991. The company, since 2001, has also shown its interest in the development and testing of mobile tech. The types of batteries produced here include MT AGM batteries and MT Gel batteries with negligible maintenance required. The output capacities of these batteries lie in the range of 90 to 400Ah in additionto the excellent cycle stability and low weight, which make them ideal for PV systems, stationary installations and marine applications. The products manufactured in this firm are specially developed for travel vehicles, with each product TUV tested. They have been awarded several times for their achievements in 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

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Established in 2010, and based in Wildpoldsried, Sonnenbatterie is involved in the production of plug and play battery storage systems. Sonnenbatterie eco, a product of this firm, is one of the most promising battery storage solutions for household purposes. It vaunts of its intelligent management software which stores as much energy needed by the consumer depending on the capacity or the configuration the customer purchases and then saves money and energy through the PV or grid system at your premises. The product has been guaranteed for a lifetime of 10 years plus its tech specs viz., backup power capability, 3000-8000W continuous output and with maximum efficiency up to 93%, makes it an ideal choice at homes. Again, sonnenbatterie pro, efficient up to 96%, holds greater control with a peak output of 90kW, proven reliability and flexible software.

Exide technologies GmbH

Hailing from Berlin in Germany, Exide tech was formerly known as Sonnenschein. Its Sunshine dryfit solar series have battery capacities of the range 6.6-230Ah for all commercial purposes. The life span of this product lasts upto 800 charged cycles according to IEC 896-2. These grid plate batteries are absolutely maintenance free. This manufacturer also fabricates other similar PV cells with different capacities to make it suitable according to the specific application. AccumulatorenfabrikSonnenschein was found in 1910 by Theodor Sonnenschein and later merged with an American enterprise. Thus, now it’s known as Exide.

Neeo by Akasol

Akasol GmbH, inDarmstadt, is the parent company of Neeo, entitled to manufacture all types of batteries. Neeo provides smart solutions for battery storage dealing with renewable energies. When it comes to Solar cells, NeeoBasix and NeeoQubeare are the best in stores, both of them ideal for photovoltaic sytems. NeeoBasix offers 10 kWp with safe and long term reliability. Intelligent integrated energy management and three phase power electronics together result in the creation of this advanced Li-ion storage system. NeeoQube guarantees a storage power of 5kW and high efficiency with a well-structured and compact design.