Different types of Pollution and their causes

Pollution has become the most discussed word on our planet in recent times. Everyone from children to presidents are interested in it now. What makes the pollution become discussed so vigorously nowadays. Here, we discuss about pollution and its different kinds in brief. Each kind of pollution shall be discussed in detail under those heads.

Define pollution:

In the simplest terms pollution means the addition of harmful substances to our environment /surroundings that make it difficult for us to live in.

There are different kinds of pollution. Some are obvious and others not so much. Let’s discuss some of them here.

different types of pollution


Again air that we breathe in daily is not as clean as we want it to be. One would have noticed the higher occurrences of breathing and skin diseases, hotter or colder climates than normal. Have you seen smog hanging over your city? These are just few of the things happening because of Air Pollution.


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Water is not spared from the effects of pollution. This does not just affect humans but also the aquatic life in our rivers, lakes, ponds, seas and oceans. What causes water pollution?

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Did you know that our land was getting polluted affecting our crops, animals and the very food that we eat?

Causes :


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Nuclear contamination is one which is not commonly seen but when it occurs it has devastating effects on the whole environment of the area

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Again a lesser known type of pollution caused by excessive light at night.  These affect the body rhythms and sleep cycles of humans and even other beings.


Can something too hot be harmful? Of course it can .


As we see there has been damage done to the environment. We need to find ways to repair this damage the best we can if we wish to see future generations thriving on Planet Earth. It is important as individuals Communities, corporates and governments to take steps to make sure we can make a difference.

We should be so glad if we happen to be living in a place, where pollution rate is much less. Like in all other countries, the pollution rate of United States has risen to a very great extent. The pollution started ringing its siren, when the country started off its industrial revolution. According to the studies by the end of the year 2014, the state California had the highest rate of pollution among the country.