Top solar photovoltaic manufacturers of Australia that can give China a run for their money

Photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers are ruling the various sectors of renewable energy industry, thanks to the ever-growing demand for solar power. Also, PV makers are focusing on making superior quality solar panels that offer a lifetime of great performance these days. Its demand is ever-rising as more and more people are turning to green energy.

The Solar PV makers in China have perhaps witnessed the biggest growth thumped by oversupply and margin crunch – its Australian counterparts, are not much behind, and are also doing very well these days.

We bring you a detailed break-down of the top PV makers in Australia.

  1. BP Solar

    BP Solar is headquartered in Victoria in Australia and has been a cost-effective and efficient solar power solution for the past few years.BP Solar offers residential, commercial and industrial application to their customers across the world.

    BP Solar has been an eminent name in the production of solar panels for over 25 years.

  2. Tindo Solar Pty Ltd

    Tindo SolarPty Ltd started its operations from the plains of Adelaide. Tindo Solar currently offers entire servicing of Tindosolar panels, to their existing customers and also to users of Tindosolar panels installed by other firms.

    Tindo Solar is engaged in designing and manufacturing technologically advanced solar panels in Australia, for installation in Australia and also around the world.

    Found in 2011, Tindo Solar is entirely an Australian-owned and operated firm that focusses on increasing the manufacturing output while also creating Australian jobs in the sector of renewable power.
    Tindo Solar makes PV panels that respects the sun and delivers on performance warranty.

  3. Australian Solar Manufacturing Pty Ltd

    Australian Solar Manufacturing Ltd is a pioneer when it comes to specialisation in the production of high-powered 190-200 watt photovoltaic solar modules in Australia.

    Australian Solar Manufacturing Ltd was founded in 2009, in Hallam, in Victoria. The firm had started off as a company that used to offer quality PV solutions at a premium price.

    ASM is a high repute when it comes to clean energy products, services and solutions.

    The firm’s own MonoCrystalline solar cells are currently pegged to provide a yielding efficiency rate of over 18 per cent, making Australia Solar an industry leader in cost-effective solar solutions.

  4. Dyesol

    Dyesol has been a known name in the commercialization as well as development of Perovskite Solar Cell or PSC technology, which can be called the third generation in photovoltaic technology.

    The firm’s homegrown Perovskite Solar Cell technology is such that it can be applied to glass, metal, polymers or even cement.

    Dyesol has been engaged in the manufacturing and supply of high-performance PSC equipment and has been committed to the successful commercialisation of PSC (Perovskite Solar Cell) photovoltaics in the country and abroad.

  5. Pacific Solar Pty Ltd

    Pacific Solar has expertise in a providing the entire product range in solar thermal power. The firm has been making affordable solar photovoltaic solutions for the rooftops for their customers worldwide.

    The firm has been manufacturing, retailing and has been a wholesale supplier of PV panels as well. Their much-acclaimed line of products includes – photovoltaic module components, photovoltaic modules, inverters, photovoltaic systems, and photovoltaic module mounting systems for rooftops.

  6. Easy Being Green

    Easy Being Green has easily been Australia’s biggest energy efficient operator since it was established in 2004. The firm holds the record of providing clean power solutions to over 8,00,000 households in the country alone.

    Currently, Easy Being Green offers free LED upgrade, wholesale lighting, commercial lighting upgrades, amongst several other services.

  7. Kyocera Solar

    Kyocera has been a pioneer in solar power applications that range from homes to large firms; Kyocera solar energy solutions have been working towards reducing power bills, while improving efficiency and promoting energy independence for their customers.

    Kyocera Solar also provides modules that are covered by a warranty. It has also forayed into solar financing along with installation.

  8. Optimal Power Solutions

    Optimal Power Solutions is engaged in developing energy storage options for mini power grids and clusters. The firm operates in many countries including Australia and India.

    Its line of products includes – GSC Grid support conditioner; GEC: Grid export power conditioner; HPC: Hybrid system power conditioner; High-power MPPT; Telecom MPPT; Micro Power Solutions and Macro Hybrid Solutions.

  9. Solar King

    Solar King has been making solar products for off grid power systems, farming and others since long.Solar King has been a prominent name in Australia when it comes to solar panels, folding solar panel kits, batteries, solar regulators and portable power systems.

  10. PV Cool

    PV Cool has its roots in Victoria in Australia and its expertise is in manufacturing high-efficiency photovoltaic solar modules for concentrators; the firm has also created a niche in combining heat and power generation via its innovative clean energy

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