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Fire is a great threat to forests because it can cause tremendous damage in a short time. Millions of hectares of timber are destroyed annually. Adverse climatic conditions add to the extent and speed at which the fires travel. Not only the forests, but the human habitations and industries based on forest products that are […]

The Great Flood in the Bible was the most devastating flood, washing out the entire existing population of the Earth after 40 days and nights of continuous rain. Only Noah, his family of eight and an assortment of few thousands of animals and birds were saved in an ark. This is a picture of God’s […]

As we have seen in the other topic Geothermal Energy: History, types and uses, Geothermal is combination of two Greek words- geo meaning earth and therme meaning heat. The terms means the energy derived from the heat of the earth. This source of energy is not a recently discovered phenomenon. It was used by our […]

We are discussing about wind energy in several topics highlighting, its uses, advantages, disadvantages etc. Let us discuss few facts about it so as to club all under a head. We have made it a point that facts relating wind energy studies, wind farms, wind related jobs and investments, etc are discussed under sub heads. […]

Wind energy, being so abundant, especially in coastal areas, it is worth enough the use it very widely. As we know we are facing the depletion in the fossil fuels, thus this is the right to use the energies that are readily available in abundance. We have already dealt about the pros and cons of […]

Let us go detailed about the wind farms in the United States of America. It is good to learn about them as it always is a lesson for the World to produce electricity from the cheapest and clean energy available in abundance on Earth. We shall also look into the facts that why winds farms […]

Even though we know how important is recycling, the recycling industry is not growing rapidly. The big question mark calls for why is this happening? Here let us study the reason why people are reluctant to recycle things. We shall also look into the factors that help to promote and encourage recycling. The significance of […]

Yet another thing that can be recycled is tire. Tire recycling is on great demand nowadays. Let us see what is tire recycling, the reasons for tire recycling, process and benefits. What is Tire recycling? Rubber recycling is as old as the industrial use of rubber. In the early 1900’s rubber cost as much as […]

Have you thought about a life without plastics? It may be difficult to adjust with such a life but if there is no plastic, then half of the issue due to pollution will be solved. We haven’t found a permanent solution for plastic pollution; even though studies have proved wax worms eat plastic. So it […]

Whenever there is a study about renewable energy, geothermal energy is one of the energies that cannot be skipped. Here we shall learn so deeply about what geothermal energy is, its history, types of geothermal systems and its uses. What is Geothermal Energy? The word ‘geothermal’ literally translates to ‘earth’ and ‘heat’ – Heat energy […]