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Global warming is a word that is being used widely all over the Universe. As the term suggests, it is just the warming up of the globe but the effects are too frightening. Let us know what global warming is , its causes and effects. The causes are divided into two: man-made and natural causes. […]

The word greenhouse effect has been discussed on a very wide range in this new era. Even this being a heated discussion, very few of us know what it is and the causes of greenhouse and its effects. Let’s bring in here all these subjects under a single topic for a better understanding of what […]

What on earth is not polluted? How far this is going to bother us and our coming generations? We need to be prepared when the coming generations point their fingers to us for contaminating the earth so badly. Even the soil, the richest form of earth is polluted, how? Let us look in to what […]

Even when talking about different types of pollution, we were unaware of these kinds of pollution such as plastic pollution, soil pollution, agricultural pollution, smog etc. But when we study the particular topic, it is very familiar to us. Thus let us understand what agricultural pollution is, their cause, types, prevention methods and effects, elaborately. […]

It really astonishing that even light pollutes…Really? Does that happen? Is that the question on your mind? It is really sad to say a big bold YES. Let us look deeply into what light pollution is, its definition,  main sources or causes, different types of light pollution, and its effects. Something is lacking, right? Yes, […]

The most dangerous and common pollution of the century, should be plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is a big question that is posed to the World, right now. Due to the non-biodegradable nature of plastic, it is quite dangerous to make our environment polluted with plastics. Due to its property, plastic gained wide use over the whole […]

While talking about pollution and by going into each types of pollution in detail, we may feel that there is no part of thing that is not polluted. That thought cannot be wrong as we come up with another kind of pollution, named thermal pollution. Thermal pollution, by the name itself, it implies it is […]

When we go in detail about each kind of pollution, the facts may seem very surprising and it is also wondering to know about nuclear pollution. Many people ask does nuclear energy cause pollution. The answer is a big, bold YES. Here, we discuss a lot about what is nuclear pollution, its causes, effects and […]

Ears are exhausted with different kinds of those nasty voices all around. Is that too a pollution? No one has ever had a day or night without closing their ears at least once, because of irritated noise. Do you know what noise pollution is and what are its causes and effects? We shall detail each […]

Pollution and contamination everywhere… We have seen what is pollution and the different types of pollution. Thus we had made a promise to you all that we will detail what each kind of pollution is. Water is one of the most essential elements for living things to survive. That water being polluted is not going […]

One of the most discussed topics in the world – Air pollution. What is air pollution and why have it gained so much significance in today’s world. While discussing about air pollution it’s obvious that we discuss about its causes and consequences. We will take you through them. What is Air pollution Causes of Air […]

Life is so busy these days. People seem to run around no matter what and why, all are tightly scheduled. Breaks and rest are unavoidable for a man to survive. Here in this article, we shall discuss what a break is and the importance or rather the necessity of break in our life. Does our […]

We have learned about sustainability, sustainable energy, sustainable diet etc. Have also discussed about advantages and sources of them. Here in this article, we will discuss all possible reasons why sustainability is so important for us for our life and existence. Sustainability can be seen in all step we take. Each household, to each travel […]

Weight loss juice are those juices that help you increase the metabolic rate of the body and there by help in reduction of the fat. In that case those juices should not only be concentrating on weight loss but also gives the body nutrition and make it healthy. Here we are going to see about […]

We have already discussed about sustainable life and how to achieve it. Here in this article, we shall look deeply down to how sustainable diet help in attaining sustainable life and what is the role of livestock in sustainability. We will look into the pros and cons of livestock in detail. A sustainable life can […]

We have discussed about sustainable energy so vastly and widely. Have seen different aspects of it too. Here in this article, we will discuss as to how we can contribute to the environment sustainability and lead a sustainable life. We will brush up what sustainable energy is and what is sustainable living in this article […]

We have already seen what renewable energy is and what sustainable energy is. It’s already been discussed that the terms are being used interchangeably. Hence here in this topic we re going to see whether sustainable energy and renewable energy are same or are they different. If they are the same, how and if vice […]

We, the World have witnessed an outbreak of Covid epidemic and also saw the World coming to a standstill. In this article we shall see the impact of Covid-19 on air pollution. In order to learn about this, we will look into link between Covid-19 and air pollution, rise and outcome of Covid 19. We […]

Different aspects of air pollution were discussed in this website. In this article we will see how tobacco smoking contributes to air pollution, basic components of cigarettes and what are the effects of smoking on human health and environment. We have seen different aspects of smoking and the cigarette packets themselves come with a tag […]

In this article we shall peep into the fact that whether air pollution is a silent killer. In order for this, we will look into how air quality is measured, the major air pollutants, and its effects on humans. We will also analyse the vulnerable groups affected by air pollution and how air pollution becomes […]

We have seen different aspects of air pollution in this website. In this article, we will go in-depth into the detailed study of how plants and animals are affected due to air pollution. How pollution becomes a killer was one of our topics, in which we saw how dangerous it is on humans. Here we […]