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Global warming is a word that is being used widely all over the Universe. As the term suggests, it is just the warming up of the globe but the effects are too frightening. Let us know what global warming is , its causes and effects. The causes are divided into two: man-made and natural causes. […]

The word greenhouse effect has been discussed on a very wide range in this new era. Even this being a heated discussion, very few of us know what it is and the causes of greenhouse and its effects. Let’s bring in here all these subjects under a single topic for a better understanding of what […]

What on earth is not polluted? How far this is going to bother us and our coming generations? We need to be prepared when the coming generations point their fingers to us for contaminating the earth so badly. Even the soil, the richest form of earth is polluted, how? Let us look in to what […]

Even when talking about different types of pollution, we were unaware of these kinds of pollution such as plastic pollution, soil pollution, agricultural pollution, smog etc. But when we study the particular topic, it is very familiar to us. Thus let us understand what agricultural pollution is, their cause, types, prevention methods and effects, elaborately. […]

It really astonishing that even light pollutes…Really? Does that happen? Is that the question on your mind? It is really sad to say a big bold YES. Let us look deeply into what light pollution is, its definition,  main sources or causes, different types of light pollution, and its effects. Something is lacking, right? Yes, […]

The most dangerous and common pollution of the century, should be plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is a big question that is posed to the World, right now. Due to the non-biodegradable nature of plastic, it is quite dangerous to make our environment polluted with plastics. Due to its property, plastic gained wide use over the whole […]

While talking about pollution and by going into each types of pollution in detail, we may feel that there is no part of thing that is not polluted. That thought cannot be wrong as we come up with another kind of pollution, named thermal pollution. Thermal pollution, by the name itself, it implies it is […]

When we go in detail about each kind of pollution, the facts may seem very surprising and it is also wondering to know about nuclear pollution. Many people ask does nuclear energy cause pollution. The answer is a big, bold YES. Here, we discuss a lot about what is nuclear pollution, its causes, effects and […]

Ears are exhausted with different kinds of those nasty voices all around. Is that too a pollution? No one has ever had a day or night without closing their ears at least once, because of irritated noise. Do you know what noise pollution is and what are its causes and effects? We shall detail each […]

Pollution and contamination everywhere… We have seen what is pollution and the different types of pollution. Thus we had made a promise to you all that we will detail what each kind of pollution is. Water is one of the most essential elements for living things to survive. That water being polluted is not going […]

One of the most discussed topics in the world – Air pollution. What is air pollution and why have it gained so much significance in today’s world. While discussing about air pollution it’s obvious that we discuss about its causes and consequences. We will take you through them. What is Air pollution Causes of Air […]

The word “Sustainable” is very common in our day to day lives. Thus each of us would have come across the term Sustainable energy at least once. In this article we are discussing what sustainable energy  is, its definition, its advantages or benefits and also the sources of sustainable energy or types of sustainable energy. […]

When we talk so much about renewable energy, it is natural that all have a question of whether it is clean or not. Let us discuss that here. Side by side we will also see the developments in the use of renewable energy. Renewable literally means ‘not depleted when used’. In this sense Solar, wind, […]

It has got inside all the brains about the link between paper and deforestation. Whenever trees are cut on a large scale for making papers, the nature is actually weeping, who cares, right? What we want is fresh bonded or non-bonded papers. In this article, we are just exploring that link between deforestation and paper […]

After long lengthy discussions, we have studied such a lot about wind energy and wind farms. Now let us think about the wind turbines that are seen in the wind farms. So wind energy is a clean and renewable source of power! Something as simple as wind turbine fixed on your roof top could cut […]

Fire is a great threat to forests because it can cause tremendous damage in a short time. Millions of hectares of timber are destroyed annually. Adverse climatic conditions add to the extent and speed at which the fires travel. Not only the forests, but the human habitations and industries based on forest products that are […]

The Great Flood in the Bible was the most devastating flood, washing out the entire existing population of the Earth after 40 days and nights of continuous rain. Only Noah, his family of eight and an assortment of few thousands of animals and birds were saved in an ark. This is a picture of God’s […]

As we have seen in the other topic Geothermal Energy: History, types and uses, Geothermal is combination of two Greek words- geo meaning earth and therme meaning heat. The terms means the energy derived from the heat of the earth. This source of energy is not a recently discovered phenomenon. It was used by our […]

We are discussing about wind energy in several topics highlighting, its uses, advantages, disadvantages etc. Let us discuss few facts about it so as to club all under a head. We have made it a point that facts relating wind energy studies, wind farms, wind related jobs and investments, etc are discussed under sub heads. […]

Wind energy, being so abundant, especially in coastal areas, it is worth enough the use it very widely. As we know we are facing the depletion in the fossil fuels, thus this is the right to use the energies that are readily available in abundance. We have already dealt about the pros and cons of […]

Let us go detailed about the wind farms in the United States of America. It is good to learn about them as it always is a lesson for the World to produce electricity from the cheapest and clean energy available in abundance on Earth. We shall also look into the facts that why winds farms […]