Top 5 Detoxifying water recipes for weight loss & immunity

Detoxifying water is the most used and widespread drink that helps in reducing weight and also increase the immunity. There are many kinds of detoxifying water which are prevalent and in use all over. Drinking water itself is wonderful to reduce weight fast, so why not try delicious water that will help in pushing out all toxins in body along with cutting down weight.

The toxins that enter through air pollution, water pollution, environmental pollution etc. are causing harm to the body to a very great extent. Thus detoxifying body has gained much popularity in this scenario.Read about benefits of detox water & various recipes for making detox water.

What is detoxification?

Detoxification is the process of removing the toxic substances from the living body. It can be medicinal or physiological removal of toxins. Detoxification, is not limited to just flushing out of toxins from body, but also it helps the body to expel the fat accumulated all over. Thus helps in fast weight reduction.

What is Detox water?

As the name says, detox water is the water that helps in detoxifying the body. It is not just water that flushes out the fat and toxins but instead, it helps in building the immunity of those who consumes it. Detoxification water is of different types. It can be made with spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Detox water recipes of weight loss

Benefits of Detox water

Detox water is the instilled water that flushes our all toxins from the body and gives us a beautiful skin and also builds our immunity. It helps in rapid energy boost and also helps in providing the body with sufficient nutrients and minerals. The benefits of Detox water are vast. Let’s list out few of them

  1. Increases metabolism
  2. Cleanse body and liver
  3. Helps in reducing weight
  4. Wash out inflammation
  5. Gives beautiful, healthy skin
  6. Energy pump out
  7. ‘NO’ to dehydration
  1. Increases metabolism:
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The detox water helps in increasing the metabolic rate of the body. The decreased metabolic rate makes the fat to get accumulated all over the body. The metabolic rate increasing is the main and underlying factor that helps in weight reduction.

  1. Cleanse body and liver

This water helps in flushing out all toxins that have entered and stored in our body cells and blood streams. The toxins or chemicals that have entered our body due to environmental pollution have very critical impact on our immunity. Cleaning out or washing out all that toxic particles from our body would definitely boost our immunity and also absorb those vitamins and minerals that are required.

  1. Helps in reducing weight

The detox water helps in weight reduction easily as it increases the metabolism of the body. It also helps in digestion and eliminating constipation. Detox water may be prepared with different fruits and veggies that help in producing enzymes that are helpful in digestion. All these factors help in aiding weight loss at a faster rate, when supported with ample work outs.

  1. Wash out Inflammation

Inflammation is the swelling of the body which may be painful or non-painful. These inflammations may be harmful at times. As detox drinks helps in energy release, digestion and boosts metabolism of the body, it helps in flushing out this inflammation as well. The better digestion and cleansing of liver can help in better blood circulation which will prevent from causing inflammation.

  1. Gives beautiful , healthy skin 

All cleansing of liver, body and better circulation of blood provides beautiful and youthful skin. The vitamins and minerals will add to the glow of the skin, thereby making you look more good and healthy. Cleaning the body internally sounds more beneficial than cleaning the skin with a scrub.

  1. Energy pump out 
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The energy release with this detox water is spontaneous and dependable. The better circulation of blood and functioning of the body helps in the energy release to a very great extent. You feel lighter with all flush out of toxins and improved digestive system. All the fatigue and brain lock would change which can also boost the mental health of those consuming it.

  1. ‘No’ to dehydration 

This detox drink is a best summer drinks that helps you feel hydrated and refreshing. Feel confident on facing the summer heat. While flushing out all toxins, these drinks make sure that they are fixing all vitamins and minerals to our body and keeping us hydrated. The immunity builder drink stays awake against all the diseases that are bound to risk up during these times.

Detox water recipes

As discussed earlier, there are different types of detox water. We can look into few of them which are very beneficial and also the weight cutters.

Detox recipe: 1


  1. Cucumber: 1
  2. Lemon: 2
  3. Ginger: 1 medium sized
  4. Mint leaves – One small bunch
  5. Water – 5-8 glass


Peel the ginger. Wash ginger, cucumber, lemon and mint leaves well and cut them into slices. Put all these into the water in a glass jug. Keep it in refrigerator overnight. Take the water in the morning squeeze all veggies in the water and consume this water all through the day.

Note: Drain all veggies from water except lemon and puree them. Add to the same water along with squeezing the lemon juice also to the water.

This is the most popular slimming detox water.

Detox Recipe: 2


  1. Apple – 1-2
  2. Cinnamon- 1 piece
  3. Water – 4 cups


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Wash the cinnamon piece and apples well. Cut apples into thin slices and keep them in the water, either overnight or for more than 4 hours. You can consume this water, all through the day. Can puree the apple slices and cinnamon and add to the water after keeping it for few hours.

Detox drink: 3


  • Ginger- 1 large piece
  • Mango – 1
  • Water – 3-4 cups


Peel the ginger and mango. Wash and chop the mangoes and ginger. Add to the water in the jug. Refrigerate it or keep them for 4 hours. This also can be pureed and for better taste add honey before consuming.

Detox Water Recipe: 4


  • Water Melon- half a melon or full
  • Mint leaves- a small bunch
  • Lemon- 1
  • Water – 4-8 glass


Wash lemon, mint leaves well and add to the water. Deseed the water melon and cut them into small cubes. Add those too to the water and keep aside for 4-8 hours. Keeping overnight also will be good. Like other recipes these can also be pureed and consumed.

Detox Recipe: 5


  • Aloe vera gel – 4 table spoons
  • Lemon – 1
  • Water – 4-5


Grate the aloe vera gel from the plant and add it to the water. Wash and slice lemon to add to the water. Keep it refrigerator. Consume as you desire by following all rules of detox water like others, discussed above.

Points to be remembered:

  • Always try to make the detox water in a glass jar or container as plastic containers are not so safe, especially when lemon is being used.
  • If keeping the detox water for more than 4 hours, please make sure that you are keeping it in refrigerator.
  • These are not mere detox water; these are delicious and refreshing drinks that are best suitable for summer.
  • While consuming the detox water for weight loss, please see that you are consuming it before having a big meal. It will help you feel full and won’t let you eat more.