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Plastic recycling is one of the major topics that are being discussed worldwide. Before discussing about plastic recycling, we shall talk about what plastic is, what are the different types of plastics, forms of plastics etc. then we shall move on to steps of plastic recycling, advantages & disadvantages of it. What is Plastic? The […]

As we know there are different types of recycling, paper recycling is the prominent among them. Here we discuss about what is paper recycling, the process of making recycled paper, advantages or importance of recycling and moreover, certain facts about paper recycling. What is paper recycling? Paper recycling is a process of making new paper […]

“Recycling”, being the most common word of the era, we here discuss about recycling, the three (3) R’s of recycling, the process in which recycling is done, or the steps in the recycling process and also the advantages and disadvantages of recycling. As the name suggest, recycling means converting a nonusable or waste into a […]

A beautiful smile can brighten up your day!!! Soft and pinky lips are responsible for this. Lips are tactile sensatory organ that are soft and movable. They contribute a lot to facial expression. Smooth, soft and rosy lips are desire of any woman. We help you have it with a few lip care tips. A […]

While dealing with beauty care, pigmentation is one of the unavoidable topics that need the lights on it. Pigmentation is a kind of headache for many as they are unable to find a solution for it. No worries. We have the query answered for you! We shall learn what pigmentation is, factors that cause or […]

Deprived of sleep? Is strain and stress bothering you? Then it is sure that you get another reason to bother. That is dark circles. But it is not necessary that you are strained or not sleeping to get dark circles. There may be much other reason underneath it for developing dark circles. So let us […]

Dandruff, a very common nightmare. It is very common in today’s life as it spreads widely.  It is one of the main causes of hair loss. Let us learn in depth about dandruff now. This post discuss about the following with emphasis on the following: What is dandruff Causes of dandruff Natural/home remedies for curing […]

When it comes to the term beauty care, there are many kith and keen that needs to be taken care of.  Black heads are one among the headaches for everyone. Have someone not come across black heads on their face? Have you reached your teens? Then you are a sure shot candidate for black heads. […]

Pollution, being a widely used word in the new era, it is very dangerous too. We have gone through what pollution is, it causes and effects and also the different types of pollution. While going in detail to different topics such as air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution etc, we were coming across different substances […]

Ocean pollution is the contamination of ocean.  Like all other pollution Ocean pollution is also one of the challenges before us. We know this pollution are not reversible at any cost but still continue doing it. We shall discuss the effects of Ocean pollution in detail here in this article as we have already discussed […]