Advantages of Wind Energy

Let us look into the advantages of wind energy by kicking each corner and squeezing out all of its goodness. Even though, wind energy is the cleanest renewable resource that leaves no footprint of noxious substances that harm the atmosphere, it will have certain disadvantages along with advantages. Disadvantages of wind energy can be dealt with in another post, while here we discuss about the advantages of wind energy.

Wind is caused due to the uneven heating of earth’s surface. The pressure that moves from the high pressure areas to the low pressure areas is called wind. This wind energy is used for the generation electricity. The after effects of using the fossil fuel and the alarming depletion of fossil fuels had put on enormous pressure on human beings to use the non-depleting energies like solar and wind for power generation. Wind, as it leaves no harmful residue after use is the best resource that can be used.

The main advantages of wind energy are:

  1. Clean Resource 

Wind energy never pollutes or contaminates the air or water or causes any kind of pollution. It neither emits any kind of harmful gaseous. No greenhouse effect, no side effects or any such issues can pull the wind resource down the line of quality resource. The use of this clean resource creates a healthier and clean environment.

  1. Renewable Energy 

Renewable energy is the energy that can be made over and over again. As wind is being produced free of cost as a result of a natural phenomenon, it is never going to finish. Due to these properties of wind energy, wind energy has immense influence on the society.  This cleanest renewable energy is worth for the environment for future.

  1. Inexhaustible energy 
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Wind energy is unlimited, that is, it is never ending. As we discussed, wind is caused due to the uneven heating of earth’s surface. As long as there is existence of sun and the earth surface anomalies, there will be ample supply of wind. There will be no threat of depletion of wind energy any time.

  1. Availability

Wind energy is available all the time round the clock and calendar. As it is unlimited, it implies that it is always available. There is no time that wind is not available. Thus, if wind turbines are planted, there will be mostly no time that the wind turbine is dormant.

  1. No Pollution

Pollution is one of the biggest difficulties faced by the World. There are different kinds of pollution. Wind power being the clean resource, it does not leave any kind of pollution. While it is the clean resource, it is safe too at the same time.  As wind energy is used, there will be a great cut down on the use of fossil fuels. The use of fossil fuels and pollution are interdependent. Thus the reduction in the use of fossil fuels will bring in a decrease pollution.

Wind energy does not create any kind of threat to the World in any way. In addition, it helps mankind and earth to be safe and be free from pollution to a great extent.

  1. Conserve Energy

Wind energy helps us conserve fossil fuels and other resources that are facing depletion.  The use of wind energy will bring in a total reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels. We are facing the threat since a long time about the fossil fuels, greenhouse effect etc. No such worries are going to haunt us while we replace wind energy with these fossil fuels.

  1. Cost-Effective
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As wind energy is readily available, that too free of cost, it is not an expensive way for generating electricity. The expense that is coming the way is for setting up the wind turbines and also for the land. The cost for setting up the wind turbine has been fallen down considerably as the technology has boomed. The turbines are being incorporated in the lakes and oceans as well. Thus the land cost can also be set aside. The land used for installing wind turbines can also be used for agricultural purpose because the wind turbines are so tall and the land between the turbines are not being utilized.

Thus, the cost becomes very effective at the end of the day.

  1. Effective use of Land

The land owners, who run cultivation on the land, can set up the wind turbines using grid system. This will be cost effective and simultaneously it makes the land used very effectively. It is a nest egg for the land owners as it is an extra income. They can use the electricity for their own use also, so that there is considerable decrease on their electricity bill as well.

  1. Job-Oriented

As the industry of wind turbines and wind farms developed, there was a rapid rise in the number of jobs. Lot of human resource are required for the installation, service and maintenance of wind turbines.  Thus, the boom in the wind power is reflected in the economic growth of the country.

We have talked about the advantages of wind energy as a whole. Now , how would it be when we talk about its advantages from the perspective of the society? The advantages of wind energy would be the same but we shall bash to classify it into:

  1. Economic advantages
  2. Social advantages
  3. Environmental advantages
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Economic Advantages:

All cost effectiveness will be economic advantages, such as cost effectiveness, low use of fossil fuels, additional income for land owners, Job creation etc.

Social Advantages:

All social advantages such as liberated energy, resident possession, agricultural support etc. falls under the social advantages.

Environmental Advantages

The goodness on environment as a whole is the environmental advantage; such as no pollution, clean air, and better use of land

Wind energy is the energy with great prospective which is still been not utilised completely by the society. Since lot of research and studies are being carried out regarding its use, the claim of wind energy as tomorrow’s fuel will be stressed.