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While travelling through many reasons that cause global warming, Ozone layer depletion is one of the major reasons for it. In order to know more about ozone layer depletion, we need to learn what ozone layer is. Let us dig deep into what is ozone layer, how it is formed, causes and effects of ozone […]

While we see the mother earth suffering and started kicking us back, we have been torturing her more and more. Overpopulation is one among the major reasons for exploiting earth and nature. Let us see what overpopulation is, what are the causes and effects of overpopulation and also methods to control overpopulation. Overpopulation: an overview […]

Earthquake seems to be a part of our life now as we come across earthquake from one part or another part of the world. It is one of the main natural disasters that happen. It may vary in the effect on each place. Let us see what earthquake is, its causes and effects, how earthquake […]

We have experienced and also going through the harsh climatic change. Have we given it a thought about the reasons for this drastic climatic change? There are many reasons for this.one of the major reason is deforestation. Let us discuss about what is deforestation, the causes and effects of deforestation and also measures to prevent […]

Acid rain or Acid deposition is a very broad term that includes rain, snow, hail or any form of precipitation with acidic components. While discussing about acid rain, we need to discuss in detail what acid rain is, evolution of the term, causes, how acid rain is measured, harmful effects of it on plants, aquatic […]

Cooking gas is on very high demand now, as we know. But while taking price into consideration, it doesn’t seem to be economical. There comes the relevance of biogas. Biogas can be produced by us. Here we talk about what is Biogas, history and origin of biogas, its advantages and disadvantages, types of biogas digesters […]

When we are digging much in to energy and detailing each kind and types, it would ever be incomplete if we don’t discuss about biofuel. Let us look into what is biofuel, types of biofuel and also its advantages in detail. What is Biofuel? Biofuel are non-fossil fuels. It is a type of alternative cleaner […]

We all have come across the words renewable and non-renewable energy, at least once in a life time. Many of us know many facts about these but do not know everything. Being it an ocean, we shall study about most of the facts with the help of this article. Here, we are discussing about the […]

Do you know what fossil fuel is? Do you know that fossil fuel is renewable? Still thinking??? No worries…here we deal with the question, what is fossil fuel, types of fossil fuels, pros and cons of fossil fuels and also describes whether fossil fuel is renewable or non-renewable energy? What is fossil fuel? Fossil fuel […]

While talking about renewable and non-renewable energy, it is quite confusing as to which one is worthy. Thus let us have a detailed comparison of renewable and non-renewable energy. As we all know that there are different forms of energy available on earth. On the basis of exhaustibility, energy is classified into renewable energy and […]