Greeny Healthy Juice for Weight Loss

We discuss about many juices for weight loss. Here we shall now look in to a green juice that helps to lose weight and also keeps us healthy. We shall discuss the recipe of the green juice and also look into the benefits of the juice in detail.

As the name suggest, this is an energizing green healthy juice that can boost weight loss. Weight loss is one of the major problems faced by more than 50% of the population. Most of the people who are trying to reduce weight must have tried many weight loss diet plans, expensive weight loss medication and tiring weight loss exercises. All these must have not given desired results either. Below given is a juice recipe which has fruits as well as green leafy vegetables. This is a perfect way to start your day and keep u energized the whole day.


  • Spinach leaves-      2cups
  • Kale leaves-            1cup
  • Cucumber-              1
  • Green apple-          1
  • Celery stock-           4
  • Lemon-                     ½
  • Mint leaf-                 2

How to make?

Wash all the ingredients and keep aside. Boil 4 celery in a cup of water and make stock. Let it cool. After cooling add spinach, kale, green apple and mint leaves. Blend until smooth. Do not strain. Squeeze lemon. The energy drink is ready for consumption. As per taste green apple can be change and red apples can be included. Those inclined to the mint flavor can add it. Otherwise mint is optional. Since it’s a green juice all the ingredients used are green that are really beneficial to our body.

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Spinach is one of the healthiest vegetables and has extra ordinary properties. It is low in calories and rich in antioxidants, protein, iron and vitamins. It is very beneficial for hair, skin and bones. Consumption of spinach regularly reduces the risk of cancer, improves hemoglobin count in the body, reduces blood pressure, improves immunity and lower glucose levels. A cup of spinach contains only 27 calories.


Kale is also rich in nutrients and low in calories. Kale is loaded with vitamin A, C and K. It also has manganese, calcium and copper. Kale is also rich in omega 3 fatty acid. Many powerful anti oxidants are found in kale. Consumption of kale leaves regularly reduces heart diseases and cholesterol. Kale can be added in the daily diet with salads and juices which effectively maintains a healthy weight.


All apples have health benefits but a green apple tops the list. Green apple is has amazing properties like lowering cholesterol, helping in digestion and helps in weight reduction. The high fiber content help the digestive track to be clean and healthy which in turn promotes healthy weight management. They also have the ability to fight cancer and rich in antioxidants.



As we all know cucumber keeps our body hydrated and cool. Other properties of cucumber include flushing out the toxins, rich in vitamins and minerals, stabilize blood pressure, and stabilize uric acid in the body thus helping the kidneys and even good for diabetics.



Lemon is a fruit rich in flavonoids and vitamin C. lemon juice along with honey is well known tip for weight reduction. Lemon juice in any form is good for the skin as well as body. Some of the other functions of lemon are that its good for hair care, keeps the body cool and hydrated, has antiseptic properties, dissolves respiratory disorders and aids weight loss.

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Celery is a vegetable that is found everywhere. It is rich in calcium, sodium, vitamins and fiber. Some of the health benefits of celery are that it lowers cholesterol, helps to prevent urinary infections and detoxifies the body. They also boost the immune system and relieve migraine. Celery has high in fiber that aids proper digestion which leads to healthy weight management.



Mint is a popular herb that has a unique flavor. Mint is a great appetizer and promotes digestion. It’s effective during headache and nausea. The refreshing flavor is good for fatigue and depression. Mint also promotes weight loss by converting the stored fat into energy and helps the digestive enzymes to produce digestive juice for proper digestion.



Thus, to conclude the above mentioned green juice is packed with all the required nutrients that are needed for our body and helps in weight loss. This can be substituted for a meal. Consuming this juice once a day along with a little bit of exercise can do wonders to your body.