Solar Energy

Solar energy is the energy provided by the sun. Solar panels generate electricity with the help of sunlight. Usually, these panels are placed on the roof in a direction to face the sun. Solar energy is being used by countries all over the world to cut use of fossil fuels and make solar power a […]

Solar power has seen a significant growth over the past centuries. For Australia, it is a preferred energy source today. By this time, we have reached a new era in the history of solar power, which has achieved some unexpected milestones. Here is an important timelines of Solar power revolution. 1767, Introduction of First Solar […]

A solar or photovoltaic cell is an electrical tool, which transforms light energy into electricity using the photovoltaic effect. The electrical features of a solar cell, which is a kind of photoelectric cell, include voltage, current, and resistance, and differ on their exposure to light. Solar cells are basic elements of photovoltaic modules or solar […]

Solar cells, also dubbed photovoltaic cells, are devices that directly use visible light to produce electricity using the photovoltaic effect. A solar panel or a photovoltaic module can be formed by connecting numerous cells to one another, which generates useful power. A photovoltaic cell comprises solar as well as non-solar sources of light, including photons […]

Solar energy is the energy being produced by the sun for millions and billions of years. Solar energy is counted among the most essential energy sources for life forms. Unlike the many non-renewable sources of energy such as fossil fuels, solar energy is a renewable one. The technologies used for acquiring solar energy use the […]